EDGEmaster Roofing Metals in Oklahoma City

Protect and cover the exposed edge of the roofline with Phillips EDGEmaster products. EDGEmaster Roofing Metals in Oklahoma City.

Phillips has been proudly manufacturing products in Oklahoma City for the drywall and stucco industries since 1955. Phillips is your one-stop-shop for drywall products such as bead and trim accessories, we are the only manufacturer in the country that produces vinyl, metal, and paper bead trims under one roof. Phillips also offers a wide variety of lath and stucco accessories and has continued to expand that offering over the last several years to meet the industry's demands.  We continue to offer various metal channels and interior framing to provide numerous options for our customers. In 2009 Phillips Manufacturing utilized its 50 plus years of steel roll forming to accommodate the roofing industry; after 10 years, we continued to expand our roofing lines to keep up with the growing demand. 

Phillips products are manufactured by the most highly developed processes available, using in-house expertise as our most valuable resource. Our experienced technicians and engineers are engaged in a continuous analysis of our manufacturing and quality control processes to ensure maximum quality standards. Phillips has a variety of catalogs, including our full-line catalog in English and Spanish. Please click on any of the catalogs to download a PDF version. If you would like a print version mailed to you or request samples, please contact us or call 800.822.5055.

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  Near 4801 SW 20th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73128

Using a resilient channel effectively isolates the drywall from the framing stud work, and reduces direct contact, thus blocking as many of these vibrations as possible to raise an assemblies STC rating.

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  Near 801 S Agnew Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Partition walls are constructed of Drywall (Sheetrock/Gypsum Board) firmly attached to both sides of a wood or metal stud frame.

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  Near 809 S Agnew, Ste G, Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Decoupling is a method used with the intent of separating the attachment of walls from your studs to break the direct path of the sound waves.

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  Near 2119 General Pershing Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Those same vibrations traveling through the studwork can also duct noise throughout adjacent floors and ceilings.

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